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What to bring during Trekking to Mount Rinjani

What to bring during Trekking to Mount Rinjani

What to bring while you trek to Mount Rinjani National Park – Personal Daypack

While you are trekking to Mount Rinjani National Park of Lombok, We recommend you to take only what you need, travel as light as possible as most of the food, water and trekking equipments is carry by the porters, Porters only carry all the logistic and equipment so you need to bring your own stuff/luggages.
Below are list of items you should carry during the trek programme.
All Items to be packed in a small backpack no more than 5 kgs.

– Torch or Flashlight
– Toiletries
– Sun block/lotion, hat/cap, sun glasses
– Spray for muscle/balm
– Insect repellent
– Camera, Handicam (Manual or Digital)
– Extra rolls film for manual camera or fully charged extra battery for digital
– Small towel
– 2/3 pcs of T-Shirts
– Long trek pants/wind proof
– Windproof Jacket
– 2 pcs of shorts
– Trek stick/lekki (optional)
– Drinking water and high energy food (chocolates, nuts, raisins)
– Suitable walking shoes
– Warm clothing
– Waterproof gloves
– extra socks –
– Towel
– Hat
– Headache tablets
– Lip gloss
– Deep heat lotion
– Plasters
– Torch light
– walking stick
– waterproof bag for camera

– Bring Some cash for tipping the guide and porters is recommended. Its about Rp. 50.000/person/day


What You Need for Trekking Rinjani

  • A rain jacket or rain coat?—?pouring rain is common in Rinjani, we got completely drenched in the forest, but fortunately it was on the last day of our trek.
  • Proper trekking shoes/track shoes?—?I cannot stress how important shoes are, they can either make or break you in the mountain. We wore track shoes, but shoes like those weren’t made for jungles and volcanic ashes, they offered poor grip. We had a tough time on the summit and in the forest.
  • A good sturdy backpack?—?a backpack with proper back support is crucial. And pack only the absolute necessities. Your back and legs will thank you a million times on the mountain.
  • An attitude of being physically and mentally challenged?—?the trek itself was not difficult, if I could do it without any prior physical training, I think anyone could. But the mountain will challenge you physically and mentally and pushes you to your limits over and over again for that 4 days. There was not a single moment on the summit push we did not feel like giving up. Determination was what sustained us through that 4 hours of excruciating climb. And what the mountain rewards you for your unrelentless spirit is beyond what you could ever ask for.

Preparing to Trek Mt. Rinjani

Whoever created the trail for Mt. Rinjani did not believe in switchbacks. You hike up, and then you hike down. Almost the entire route is steep, no matter whether you start at Senaru or Sembalun Lawang. This guide will focus on starting at Sembalun Lawang and ending in Sanaru, though it is relevant to all trekkers planning to conquer Mt. Rinjani. All tour operators will be going through the same route.

Trekkers can complete the entire route in three to five days. The summit alone can be done in an intense two-day journey. However, I recommend that you choose the four-day, three-night option for the best experience. If really pressed for time, the three-day trek is an option as well – though you won’t have as much time to relax.

When to go: The trail is open from April to October. However, the best months are between June and October because they are the driest.

Difficulty: Even experienced hikers rate this trek as challenging. Expect to walk up to seven hours per day for multiple days in a row. Prepare by jogging, strength training, and hiking nearby hills.