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Rinjani Rim Package 2 Days 1 Night Via Aik Berik

Rinjani Rim Package 2 Days 1 Night Via Aik Berik

Plans to climb Mount Rinjani? Try this new hiking path! Mount Rinjani National Park Authority (BTNGR) has just opened a new trail toward Lake Segara  via Air Berik Village, District Batukliang, Central Lombok.

Scenery climb Mount Rinjani through Aik Berik Village Aik Berik offers natural scenery is diverse and various kinds of animals like Sesegah, Mayung (deer – red), Boar, Chicken Forests and diverse Senis birds compared to two other lines are commonly taken by the climbers, ie north Senaru Lombok and East Lombok Sembalun.

Aik Berik is the name of the village which located at the north of Central Lombok Regent, bordering directly with tropical forests and located on the southern slope of Mount Rinjani with a height of +600 masl. With the cool air surrounded by the expanse of rice terrace and plantations Rinjani Mountain background behind it adds to the beauty of the panoramic view of the village. Various species of flora and fauna can also be found in the village forest. These are can be reach easely by car or motorcycle, it is aprox. 1 hour drive from the capital city of Lombok (Mataram/Praya) or main tourisms in Lombok ( Airport/Kuta Beach/ Senggigi Beach).

Aik Berik climbing trail is not as popular and Sembalun Senaru hiking trail, two routes which have regular climbers reached the summit of Mount Rinjani. Local communities use Aik Berik climbing trail is the entrance to Mount Rinjani National Park (TNGR). Usually they seeked Aik Berik for treatment with a soak in natural hot springs located in Lake Segare. Those who want fishing at Lake Segara Anak Line also passes Aik Berik, even hiking trails Aik Berik is also crossed by hunters Animals, like Sesenggah, Deer, Wild Boar, and a variety of bird species including the wild rooster. Unlike  Senaru and Sembalun trails, Aik Berik lines offer diverse natural scenery.

Trekking to Rinjani RIM and Lake of Rinjani via Aik Berik, hikers will not feel the heat and no rain showered with dust like Senaru path and Sembalun for climbers going along this path through the dense forest, the gentle weather.
In the forest, to the naked eye, hikers can see firsthand the various types of animals such as Sesenggah, Deer, Wild Boar, Porcupine, and various species of birds, so climbers do not bother  to Afrika to see the wild animals.
In addition, through hiking trails Aik Berik trekker can save time climbing and climbers only takes  7 hours to Pelawangan Umar Maye RIM  and spotted and takes 1 hour from Pelawangan Umar Maye toward Lake Segare Anak.

On this trails, you can find very easy for natural spring water, On this trails, you will passed 6 rivers for you to have shower/bath as this area are much more green with this natural rainforest of Rinjani National Park.

For Umar Maye RIM, you will see spectacular view of South Lombok, Also from this peak, you can see Mataram with its Grand Mosque and several dams and lakes of Central Lombok.

Itinerary 2 Days 1 Night RIM Package via Aik Berik Central Lombok

Day 01: Senggigi/Mataram-Aik Berik-Post 2-Post 3-Umar Maye RIM
Pick up from your hotel in Senggigi/Mataram around 05.30 Am, we will drive you to Aik Berik Village which only takes 1 hour drive, Upon arrive at Aik Berik, we prepare for all the logistic equipments and we start the trek after breakfast.

This trek will takes only 7 hours hike through Post 2-3 and lunch at Ngoh Camp and overnight and enjoy the sunset at Umar Maye RIM, on the way you will spots some wildlife and bird and also you will walk through the best rainforest of Rinjani National Park. Overnight at Umar Maye RIM. ( L. D )

Day 02: Umar Maye RIM-Air Berik-Senggigi/Mataram
This is your highlight of your trek, You will see the best angle of Mount Rinjani from Umar Maye RIM with its great sunrise and panorama. After enjoying the sunrise and lake Segara Anak view, you will prepare walk down back to Aik Berik which is only takes 5.5 hours walk back, on the way you will see some wildlife like Deers, Black Apes, Orchids and many birds.
When you arrive in Aik Berik, we will take you to visit Benang Stokel waterfall for your natural spa before we take you back to your hotel in Mataram or Senggigi. ( B. L. D )

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